Some James Franco clips

Friday, 24 September 2010, 0:42 | Category : Hollywood & the American film industry, Slices
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Since I got excited about Rise of the Apes, I’ve been investigating James Franco a bit (he’s the lead of the film). He’s one of the young guys who are coming up in Hollywood now, but who I’ve not seen much of and know very little about.
The investigation proved fruitful *grin* He’s quite a funny [...]

Harry Potter cast interviews in gay magazines

Last year, Daniel Radcliffe did an interview in Attitude Magazine, which greatly amused me as I have a really stupid sense of humour (that said, it was a really good interview). This year, he’s continuing the trend, by giving an interview to Out Magazine. Again, it’s a very nice interview and the photos are hilarious [...]

Rupert Grint on Top Gear

Monday, 12 July 2010, 15:15 | Category : Crumbs, The British film industry
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He really is getting better at this sort of thing ;) It’s a really nice interview :)

Tom Felton’s career advances *grin*

Last week he won Best Villain at the MTV awards for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which I’m extremely happy about. His performance in that is definitely one of my favourite ever villains *grin*
And also, he’s done his first ever major chat show last week as well. See his appearance on The Late Late [...]

More Paul Gross clips

Thursday, 3 June 2010, 22:17 | Category : Slices, The Canadian film industry
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This is a nice two part interview in which he talks about his whole career.
Also, I found some good spoofs. One is a spoof of H2O (a two part production for HBO which starred and was also written by Paul Gross). But there is also a beautiful Due South spoof *grin*
What totally gets me, though, [...]

Revisiting one of my teen hearthrobs - some Paul Gross clips

I’m having a bit of a Due South phase. Paul Gross is one of those few actors that I got into while in my teens, but I’m still totally into him if I’m in the right mood (like now for example *grin*). I’m shocked to find he is now in his 50s though, it makes [...]

Rupert Grint is getting better at publicity, wheeeee!

Monday, 3 May 2010, 18:16 | Category : Slices, The British film industry
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Cherrybomb publicity is still going strong. And while Rupert Grint remains relatively quiet in interviews, he definitely seems to be handling them better :) (either that, or my taste in interviews has changed ;-P)
So here’s one where he’s challenged to a game of darts. The Phelps twins weren’t kidding when they said Rupert has a [...]

Some Shahrukh interviews

Saw My Name is Khan on Monday and I seem to be having a Shahrukh relapse ;-P But hey, it’s been a while, so I’m kind of glad - I was starting to miss my Shahrukh fixation ;)
So anyway, something I had meant to post ages ago was the Jonathan Ross interview, which he did [...]

Two Kellan Lutz interviews

I discovered by accident that Kellan Lutz (Emmett in Twilight) is a rather amusing interviewee. Plus he has a very cool surname (for those who don’t know, a lutz is one of the jumps in figure skating :)). So in celebration of that, here’s Kellan Lutz on Ellen (he does some amazing push-ups ;)), but [...]

Guillermo interviewing Tom Cruise

This is quite simply one of the most hilarious interviews ever ;) I don’t even want to say anything for fear of spoiling the joke ;)