Two Kellan Lutz interviews

I discovered by accident that Kellan Lutz (Emmett in Twilight) is a rather amusing interviewee. Plus he has a very cool surname (for those who don’t know, a lutz is one of the jumps in figure skating :)). So in celebration of that, here’s Kellan Lutz on Ellen (he does some amazing push-ups ;)), but [...]

Guillermo interviewing Tom Cruise

This is quite simply one of the most hilarious interviews ever ;) I don’t even want to say anything for fear of spoiling the joke ;)

The New Moon publicity machine

My time management leaves a bit to be desired at the moment - hence the almost total absence of posts :-/
Anyway, saw the film yesterday and thought it was dreadful (more about that er… someday…). The publicity interviews are much better than the film though, so here’s a short selection ;)
The forbidden question
Something I found [...]

Two Dev Patel interviews

I watched these two interviews on Andreja’s recommendation and she was right - he’s hilarious in them *grin*
You can watch Dev Patel on the Jonathan Ross show here and here.
And below is the second one in which he was interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel: