Kim Jong-un

News stories about North Korea are very rare, but there’s one which has been making the rounds for about a month now. Ever since Kim Jong-il’s stroke in 2008 (or at least it is thought he had one, but we are unlikely to ever get official confirmation on that), speculation about who his successor would [...]

The New Moon publicity machine

My time management leaves a bit to be desired at the moment - hence the almost total absence of posts :-/
Anyway, saw the film yesterday and thought it was dreadful (more about that er… someday…). The publicity interviews are much better than the film though, so here’s a short selection ;)
The forbidden question
Something I found [...]

Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman

You may remember I posted that Joaquin Phoenix retired from acting to pursue a career in music. Since then there’s been a lot of gossip about whether he’s lost his marbles or whether he’s just having us all on.
I didn’t bother posting any of this gossip since I was totally prepared to believe he just [...]