Kim Jong-un

News stories about North Korea are very rare, but there’s one which has been making the rounds for about a month now. Ever since Kim Jong-il’s stroke in 2008 (or at least it is thought he had one, but we are unlikely to ever get official confirmation on that), speculation about who his successor would [...]

North Korea, the most evil dictatorship in the world - a film list

Last week marked 60 years since the Korean war (1950-1953) broke out. As Al Jazeera aptly points out, it has largely been forgotten in the West despite the huge destruction and death toll it caused. Around 4mln people died in the three years in which the fighting ensued, around half of them civilians. Apparently, the [...]

Who will succeed Kim Jong-il?

That’s what the media have been speculating about recently. I found this pretty interesting - an interview with Kim Jong-il’s eldest son and in English no less. I’ve never seen an interview with anybody high up in North Korea’s hierarchy before.

Double standards on nuclear weapons

A short report on why certain countries are treated differently than others when it comes to nuclear weapons…

Hana’s Story - the struggles of North Korean defectors

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This is a really good news report about Hana and her new life in South Korea.

Newsweek: Global Elite 2008 list

So here’s a list of the top 50 most powerful people in the world according to Newsweek that I’ve just spent loads of time browsing and it’s actually quite interesting ;) Many names from all round the world that I didn’t know are on it and some are very curious. My personal “WTF? OMG!” one [...]

The difficulties of reporting on North Korea

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North Korean defector is the women’s featherweight World Champion

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Kim Jong-il still in hospital?

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That’s the information Japan has.

Kim Jong-il’s Mysterious Disappearance

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The BBC points out that:
the rumours raise a very important point - one day Mr Kim will die or become unable to govern; does the world have a plan for what to do then?
The article is pessimistic:
In Washington there are accusations of lack of planning over North Korea from people as senior as Victor Cha, [...]