Kim Jong-un

News stories about North Korea are very rare, but there’s one which has been making the rounds for about a month now. Ever since Kim Jong-il’s stroke in 2008 (or at least it is thought he had one, but we are unlikely to ever get official confirmation on that), speculation about who his successor would [...]

Who will succeed Kim Jong-il?

That’s what the media have been speculating about recently. I found this pretty interesting - an interview with Kim Jong-il’s eldest son and in English no less. I’ve never seen an interview with anybody high up in North Korea’s hierarchy before.

Newsweek: Global Elite 2008 list

So here’s a list of the top 50 most powerful people in the world according to Newsweek that I’ve just spent loads of time browsing and it’s actually quite interesting ;) Many names from all round the world that I didn’t know are on it and some are very curious. My personal “WTF? OMG!” one [...]

Kim Jong-il still in hospital?

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That’s the information Japan has.

Kim Jong-il’s Mysterious Disappearance

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The BBC points out that:
the rumours raise a very important point - one day Mr Kim will die or become unable to govern; does the world have a plan for what to do then?
The article is pessimistic:
In Washington there are accusations of lack of planning over North Korea from people as senior as Victor Cha, [...]