On orgasms and the health benefits of oral sex

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Came across two pretty interesting links about sex (they are work-safe).
This is an article about how you could get your vitamin B12 needs met through oral sex - good advice for vegans ;)
And this was a very interesting (and hilarious) talk entitled “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasm”.

The double standards in erotica and porn

Wednesday, 19 August 2009, 12:02 | Category : Crumbs, Politics, Human Rights & Other Serious Stuff
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This link is courtesy of Jodi over on facebook :) Really loved the article because it touches something I’m quite sensitive about.
It’s about Filament, a UK women’s magazine that is trying to publish some visual erotica for women:
Issue 1 featured three photo sets of men, none of whom removed their trousers. While some questioned whether [...]

Sexual Fantasy versus Reality (Nihon shunka-kô reviewed)

Nihon shunka-kô (Japan, 1967)
Seen: Thursday, 9th July 2009 (cinema, Lato Filmów festival)
Runtime: 103′
Director: Nagisa Oshima
Production House: Sozosha
Plot: Four male university students have just finished with exams and they’re bored and horny. A teacher gets drunk and starts singing vulgar erotic songs to his students, which fuels the erotic imagination of the four students even [...]

Are sex strikes becoming popular?

Wednesday, 13 May 2009, 0:34 | Category : Crumbs, Curiosities, Politics, Human Rights & Other Serious Stuff
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The first time I heard about women striking by withholding sex from their men was a couple of months ago. In Kenya things seem to have gone further.
The women in Kenya are worried that the political situation in the country has become so tense that it may have violent consequences - like it did two [...]

Oral sex between two men is not enough to scare off American distributors after all ;)

You may remember I wrote about how I love you Philip Morris (the Jim Carrey-Ewan McGregor romance) was having problems securing a distribution deal in the US because of a sex scene that was described as graphic (which probably meant oral rather than graphic ;)). It seems to have finally secured a distribution deal in [...]

A gay romance that is making American distributors nervous (I love you Phillip Morris spotted)

I Love You Phillip Morris (USA, 2009)
Runtime: 102′
Director: Glenn Ficara, John Requa
Cast: Jim Carrey, Ewan McGregor
Production House: Europa Corp., Mad Chance
Plot: The real story of Steven Russell - a conman, who eventually ends up in jail where he finds his one true love… his cellmate.

The sceptical part of me thinks that…
The reviews are [...]

Shahrukh being asked lots of sexual questions…

Monday, 12 January 2009, 23:07 | Category : Bollywood & the Indian film industry, Slices
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I came across this clip today and it’s ridiculous ;) It’s not even the answers Shahrukh gives (which are funny in itself). It’s just that I can’t believe journalists ask such things in that way lol I’ve heard about interviewers directly asking him about his sexual orientation, whether he’s ever cheated on his wife and [...]

A Sex Strike

Wednesday, 31 December 2008, 18:45 | Category : Crumbs, Politics, Human Rights & Other Serious Stuff
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The women in Naples have vowed not to have sex with their husbands or boyfriends if they don’t stay away from dangerous illegal fireworks. It’s the first time I’ve heard of such a strike, but hey - if it works then great :)

Green Porno

Saturday, 27 December 2008, 19:49 | Category : Crumbs, Curiosities, Film
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This is a set of 8 short films by Isabella Rossellini depicting insect sex *grin* (this is work safe I think, just er… weird ;))

I couldn’t find the remaining two films (dragonfly and firefly) on youtube, but you can watch them here and here.