Have I really still not spotted The Twilight Saga: Eclipse?

I’m shocked to find that I still have not spotted this. There’s like two trailers and a scene released already ;)
And while I’m writing about Twilight - I’m both excited and annoyed that Bill Condon is going to direct Breaking Dawn (the 4th book, the 4th & 5th film). Excited cause he’s an interesting choice [...]

A few more Taylor Lautner videos…

The one bit of the New Moon movie that I did genuinely enjoy was the cast (even though I still think the film, for the most part, was dreadful ;-P). Taylor Lautner was particularly good, so in honour of that I’m posting a few more clips of him *grin*
Anyway, the first clip I can probably [...]

The third New Moon trailer

I think this is the first one I actually find relatively enticing, though the special effects still look appalling IMO :]
The nice thing about this trailer is that it’s not quite as choppy. The first Twilight film was as “unchoppy” as Hollywood editing gets these days and that was a lot of its charm for [...]

Second New Moon trailer out

It amazes me how bad the trailers for the Twilight movies always end up being :] And who came up with the idea of doing trailers for the Twilight trailers? lol So far both of the New Moon trailers had 20 second clips released first and the full versions released a few days later. I [...]

Vampires and werewolves (New Moon spotted)

The Harry Potter clip they showed at the MTV Awards was crap (if you’ve been watching the trailers then you’ve basically already seen it - it’s the Voldemort as a little boy one), but they also showed the first New Moon trailer (which is also crap ;) ).
The Twilight Saga: New Moon (USA, 2009)
Polish [...]

New Moon poster out

The first poster for New Moon (the next film in the Twilight saga) is out.
IMO it doesn’t look too exciting. Hope the film will be better than the poster ;-P

Two Robert Pattinson interviews

This interview totally cracked me up. It’s even weirder than his usual I think. I totally died when he started talking about his Dali film:
?In a lot of ways,? Pattinson says, ?I was kind of crossing lines of what I thought I was comfortable doing. I had to do all this naked stuff.?
See, Little Ashes [...]

What Robert Pattinson’s fans want from him (apart from the opportunity to scream at him of course ;))

Whenever I’ve got a lot of school stuff to do and am stressed by it, I always manage to develop some sort of temporary obsession about someone or something (it always finishes once exams are over ;)). I’ve found that the obsession is usually very random - most of the time it’ll be something I [...]

Trailers can be deceiving aka my Twilight review

On Thursday, I did something I hadn’t since I was in high school (that would be about 8 yrs ago :]). High school was a very tough time for me. It made me feel trapped and miserable, totally stressed out and a lot of other things like that. It’s not the only time in [...]

A Vampire in Love

I hadn’t actually intended to “spot” this film (or I would have included it in my January film spotting “in cinemas this month” summary), but I’ve changed my mind ;) I think maybe I’ll enjoy it even if it’s horrible ;-P
Twilight (USA/UK, 2008)
Polish Distributor: Monolith Films (9th January 2009)
Release Date (worldwide): 21st November 2008
Runtime: [...]