A few more Taylor Lautner videos…

The one bit of the New Moon movie that I did genuinely enjoy was the cast (even though I still think the film, for the most part, was dreadful ;-P). Taylor Lautner was particularly good, so in honour of that I’m posting a few more clips of him *grin*
Anyway, the first clip I can probably qualify as New Moon promotion, though the interview was done before they actually started shooting. For some reason the way he’s boasting about his muscles on that one amuses me ;) Quite a different vibe than what he was giving out once the publicity really got going. But then once it really got going that was like the only thing people seemed to be interested in.
More interestingly though, I found some clips from earlier on in his career. This is absolutely hilarious. It’s from a film called The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. It’s a horribly difficult scene to do - you’ve got him singing and acrobatically dancing in a setting which was created in post-production (it was very much a green screen kind of movie). If that’s not enough, all of the singing and dancing has to be in character (the character is clearly very violent and short-tempered ;)). It would be a damn difficult scene to do well for a grown up actor and he’s like 13 or so on the clip - he pulls it off perfectly! *grin* Also, this is a really cute interview from around that time.
And finally, apparently Jimmy Kimmel could have done much better if he had really wanted to embarrass Taylor Lautner with strange TV footage from when he was younger ;) He was the World Karate Champion at age 11 and the martial arts footage of him at that age is quite something. I’m actually not surprised that his martial arts teacher pushed him into acting cause he really was quite the performer. Check out this clip and here’s one with an additional weapon.

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