The plight of women in Iraq

Below is a long, but very interesting interview with Zainab Salbi, an activist who works with women in post-conflict areas. What I really loved about it was that she explains the situation so simply and practically. There are some issues there that I’ve never heard of before (for example I never knew that Saddam Hussain [...]

Women in Lebanon

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Women in Lebanon enjoy more liberties than in most other Middle Eastern countries, but their role in politics is still marginal.

Afghanistan’s bravest woman

A news report about Malalai Joya, an outspoken critic of the Taliban, the Northern Alliance and the USA’s presence in Afghanistan. As you may imagine, death threats are a common occurrence in her life…

History made in Kuwait

For the first time in the history of Kuwait, women have been voted into parliament :)

The Taleban growing stronger in Afghanistan and how it is effecting women

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Here’s a very sad story of an Afghan actress and how she has had to go into hiding because of her profession. The article goes on to say:
Correspondents say there is marked sense of unease among many other working women in Kabul and other Afghan cities as the presence of the Taleban - who have [...]

The situation of women better in Nimruz province than elsewhere in Afghanistan

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My first taste of Afghani cinema

I’m behind with my “film diary” as usual :] My last weekend was very intense due to the Polish National Championships in Figure Skating about which I’ll hopefully write more later *grin*
So anyway - all the films in this post were viewed on the 22nd of November. I hope I remember them well enough to [...]

MY BOOK DIARY: November 2008

Islam (Teach Yourself Series)
by Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood
Language: English
What It’s About
It’s an introduction to Islam.
My Impressions
It took me a while to get through this… Or rather it was going very well and then for some reason I lost interest half-way and read the other half a few months later (actually I do that a [...]

Rape in Afghanistan - the fight for justice

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Somalia stoning

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A 13-year old girl was raped and later stoned for adultery.