The Taliban targets voters after the polls

Sometimes, when I read about the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, I cannot help but think it is some weird Monty Python kind of reality, even if what I’m reading is very gruesome. Some of the rules and customs are just that absurd.
This is the first time I’ve had that feeling when watching a video, even [...]

Abdullah in the lead?

Apparently, both Abdullah and Karzai are saying the results so far have them in the lead. Here’s a short interview with Abdullah:

Elections and Little Kabul

Little Kabul is an area in Fremont, California, which is known under that name because of its sizeable Afghan population. Below is a report on how Afghan women there feel about the elections.

The Pashtun vote and how it may turn the elections in Karzai’s favour

There’s a lot of reports now about how ethnic divides may decide results (just saw one about the Hazara community, but thought it was badly done, so I’m not linking :]). Here’s one about how Karzai is set to get the Pashtun vote:

Fraud in Afghan elections

A report about why election results are probably not going to be accurate…

Afghan elections and the future of the war on the Taliban

Afghan elections will take place on the 20th of August, the Taliban are naturally already trying to use force to stop people from voting. I wonder if, ironically, their call to boycott elections isn’t why the two main contenders are both very moderate and eloquent people. If Taliban supporters were voting that might not be [...]

Euro Elections frenzy

The European Parliament elections will take place in just a week. I’m pretty disillusioned with the state of Polish politics at the moment, but I believe the reason it is what it is is that people do not take their responsibility to vote seriously. If everyone took it seriously, things would be quite different…
And so, [...]

Belated post on India’s elections and a bit about India’s growing social divides

I’d intended to write about this ages ago, but somehow didn’t *sigh* Anyway, Indian elections came and went and the Congress party won once again with even more votes than last time (that means the government is socialist yet again).
A lot of interesting news reports came up during this time. On the one hand, there [...]

History made in Kuwait

For the first time in the history of Kuwait, women have been voted into parliament :)

Ex-Taleban runs for Afghan presidency

Abdul Salam Rocketi (the man in question) talks about the importance of including the Taleban into Afghan politics. He talks about the mistakes the US has made and how the peace process is not possible without including the Taleban in Afghan politics.