Euro Elections frenzy

The European Parliament elections will take place in just a week. I’m pretty disillusioned with the state of Polish politics at the moment, but I believe the reason it is what it is is that people do not take their responsibility to vote seriously. If everyone took it seriously, things would be quite different…
And so, [...]

Firefox 3.0 is more popular than IE7 in Europe

Thursday, 2 April 2009, 16:14 | Category : Computer Stuff, Crumbs
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I came across this. When you count all versions of Firefox and all versions of IE then IE still comes on top in Europe (though not everywhere - not in Poland for example *grin*), but Firefox 3.0 is the most popular browser version in Europe at the moment :) It’s interesting to see that [...]

Internet and phone communication between Europe, the Middle East and Asia disrupted

Monday, 29 December 2008, 14:16 | Category : Computer Stuff, Crumbs
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It’s a little freaky to think that something like this can happen so easily… Basically three of the four cables that run below the ocean between Europe, the Middle East and Asia have snapped.
Communication with the Middle East is already difficult in the present state and the disruption may bring massive losses to businesses, but [...]

A virtual strip search

Saturday, 25 October 2008, 22:52 | Category : Crumbs, Uncategorized
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You know how in Baadshah (a Bollywood film) there’s this pair of glasses which make you see everybody with no clothes on, so you can check if they have any weapons? Well, it’s no longer a joke, it’s real and it might be used at European airports…

The Dance of Death

Saturday, 13 September 2008, 2:46 | Category : Crumbs, Curiosities
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By the 16th century there had been as many as 11 dancing epidemics in Europe. People would feel an irresistible urge to dance that eventually led them to dance themselves to death. The causes of this remain unknown. The best documented of these was the last one, in mid-July, 1518.