Another Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer

They’ve released another, longer trailer. I suppose it’s the official full length one, although it’s actually a trailer for part one and part two. It looks like the focus of it is material from part two though (weird choice IMO, but I’m not complaining *grin*). Anyway here it is:

The interesting thing is that it has [...]

Favourite Film Villains

Inspired by my friend’s blog, I’ve been wanting to start compiling various kinds of film lists here for a while now, but never quite got round to doing it. This one seemed like a fairly natural one for me to start with. In fact I’ve ended up with two lists. One is the actual favourite [...]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I - the official teaser trailer

I know I’ve supposedly posted the first teaser about 6 months ago, but the real teaser trailer (whatever that means ;-P) is this:

They use many of the same shots on both teasers, but the new one is somewhat more interesting :)
The scraps of feedback that have come through from a super secret maximum-security test screening [...]

Pics from the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Most Harry Potter fans have been excitedly awaiting what Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Draco are going to look like as 37 year olds. I didn’t think we’d have any pics or footage of this before the second Deathly Hallows film would hit cinemas - it makes sense that they would want to keep us [...]

Annoying editing choices

When I reviewed Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, I criticized the editing for choppiness. Due to seeing some additional material from the film (this is something I found during my last Tom Felton phase but forgot to post earlier), I have more to add to that criticism now :]
I absolutely adored Tom Felton’s performance [...]

The Potter publicity is cracking me up…

Daniel Radcliffe is really pushing the envelope *grin* We’ve got him specifying at what age he lost his virginity in this interview in Esquire. And the Guardian profile goes even further - he admits to an interest in cross-dressing lol I’ve been wondering whether he would own up to being a smoker if he was [...]

Half-Blood Prince publicity galore

The publicity for the upcoming Harry Potter movie is really moving now. Here’s a small selection…
So firstly, there’s a new scene from the film available now. It’s a scene between Dumbledore and Harry.
The clip has me convinced of two things… One - we’re going to get a lot of Dumbledore in this movie. Two - [...]

The young Voldemort scene

A slightly more extended version of the young Voldemort trailer is available here and for the first time I actually liked it. The boy works much better on the new clip than on the previous ones - I finally get why they cast him *grin*
I hope the film version is less choppy. I expect the [...]

More Half-Blood Prince publicity and a lot of Tom Felton

I’ll start off with the one piece of publicity that isn’t Tom Felton related and that’s the Steve Kloves interview, which I think is a very good read :)
This is an interview with Tom Felton, Bonnie Wright and the Phelps twins. I think I’m mainly linking to it because I loved the bit about the [...]

Ron Weasley on love potion follow-up

Just following up yesterday’s post. The clip Warner Bros released is actually a little bit longer than what was shown on the Ellen show. For the full version (in any quality and format you please) go here.
Ron totally looks like he’s coming on to Harry ;)