The Potter publicity is cracking me up…

Daniel Radcliffe is really pushing the envelope *grin* We’ve got him specifying at what age he lost his virginity in this interview in Esquire. And the Guardian profile goes even further - he admits to an interest in cross-dressing lol I’ve been wondering whether he would own up to being a smoker if he was asked and it looks like he’s done that too!

Below is an adorable interview with Emma Watson from the Jonathan Ross show:

She talks quite a bit about her kiss with Rupert Grint and it’s really funny. Actually that generally seems to be one of the main talking points of the Half-Blood Prince publicity even though the kiss isn’t due until the 8th film or so. Daniel Radcliffe talked about the kiss in the Guardian interview as well:

“(…)But I have to say, today I saw playback of Ron and Hermione’s kiss [from the final book], and it is easily, from what we’ve filmed so far, the biggest moment in all the films. It is,” he says approvingly, “a great kiss.”

There’s also a nice interview with Mathew Lewis and this one with David Yates is a good read too.

Last, but not least, there have been some new clips and stills released. One of them (the library scene) aired during the Jonathan Ross interview, but there’s also the attack on the Burrow scene (a scene that’s not in the book, but I think I’m getting why they felt they needed it in the film), a short clip of Quidditch and a scene between Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny in the common room. The new stills are awesome. I particularly loved the two stills from the Spinner’s End scene - see here and here. Also Lavender is looking great on those pics. And why on Earth is Neville a waiter at the Slug Club Christmas party? lol

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