About Me
I’m a 27 year old Earthling of female gender, currently living on the outskirts of Warszawa, Poland.

About This Blog
My previous blog was a mess, so I’ve decided to be very anal about keeping this one tidy. I’ve divided the posts on this blog into 4 types:

  • Crumbs - short, random posts. When I categorize a post as a crumb I’m giving myself the license to be as random and incoherent as I feel like. Crumbs are likely to be the messiest posts on this blog, so at least I’ll feel the mess is contained…
  • Slices - short to medium length posts. A post categorized as a slice should have a point and subject matter, but it doesn’t have to be particularly elaborate or detailed.
  • Loaves - long posts. A loaf should be detailed and have a lot of links supporting the point I’m trying to make.
  • Truck-fulls of Bread - there are times when I overdo it, these are it. Veeeery long posts.

I also want to write some series of posts. At the moment I’m planning three:

  • Film Diary - my attempt to keep a tab on the films I’m watching. I don’t think I’ll be writing about every single film I see, but I’ll try to write about most of them. I might include some posts on repeat viewings of films too.
  • Film Spotting - Whenever I hear about a film I’d quite like to see (but haven’t seen yet) I want to post it in this series.
  • Book Diary - this is something that didn’t appear on my old blog at all. Probably because I don’t read :] But anyway, I thought it would be cool to write about the few books I do finish. Repeated readings of books count also ;)

Google Ads
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This site saves the DoubleClick DART cookie on your computer… unless you opt out. Google will use this cookie to determine what kind of ads it should show you based on your previous visits to my site, as well as your visits to other sites. It does not, however, save any information that could be used to identify you.
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