The Lockerbie Case

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Abdel Basset al-Megrahi is a Libyan man jailed for the 1998 airline bombing over the Scottish town of Lockerbie. His guilt or innocence has not been proved, it probably never will be proved because he has cancer and does not have much time left.
It’s a very interesting case because it happened way before 9/11 when [...]

Google Earth controversy

I felt this was quite a strange, but fascinating story. Google has included some historical Japanese maps in their Google Earth service and there are calls for these maps to be taken down:
The maps date back to the country’s feudal era, when shoguns ruled and a strict caste system was in place. At the bottom [...]

BOOK DIARY: December 2008, some fiction at last ;)

The Kite Runner
by Khaled Hosseini
Language: English
What It’s About
It’s a novel about a boy (Aamir) who grows up in Afghanistan and moves to America with his father when the Soviet war breaks out. He has a very guilty secret that he has to eventually atone for by going back to Afghanistan during the Taliban [...]

Shahrukh interviewed about 26/11

Since the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai a lot has been said in Bollywood about it. People want and need to talk about it and I guess that understandably the media wants to cover celebrities’ reactions to it.
Some of the reactions have been extremely emotional (people cancelling their film shoots and/or any trips outside the city), [...]

Mumbai’s coastline totally unprotected

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Riz Khan interviews Shahrukh Khan

It was a strange feeling, checking out my Al Jazeera rss feed the other day and finding a Shahrukh Khan interview in it ;) It seems that about a day before the blasts, he was being interviewed by Riz Khan. Riz Khan has a live talk show on Al Jazeera - a pretty high brow, [...]

Mumbai (Street Food)

Al Jazeera has this series where they discover world cities through their street food. I have to look into more of these clips (cause I think it’s a really good idea), but for the moment it somehow feels right to post the report on Mumbai.
The report was shot in September (soon after the blasts in [...]

Mumbai blasts

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It would feel weird not to write something about what’s happening in Mumbai right now - despite never having been there it’s an important city to me, which is pretty evident on this blog.
But you know what? I don’t feel like linking to any of the news reports I’ve seen so far. The reporting on [...]

MY BOOK DIARY: August, September & October 2008

I had intended to post a little about the books I’m reading, but as you may have noticed I haven’t so far ;-P I’m far from being an avid reader, but (amazingly enough) I have read a few books since moving my blog here, so it’s high time I told you about them *grin* [...]

Who hacked Al-Qaeda’s websites?

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That is the question.