Riz Khan interviews Shahrukh Khan

It was a strange feeling, checking out my Al Jazeera rss feed the other day and finding a Shahrukh Khan interview in it ;) It seems that about a day before the blasts, he was being interviewed by Riz Khan. Riz Khan has a live talk show on Al Jazeera - a pretty high brow, intellectual kind of show to which he invites all sorts of people, often politicians.
I’ve seen lots of Shahrukh interviews and I think this is only the second time I’ve seen him doing a really serious, intellectual kind of one. He usually avoids talking at length on those kinds of topics.
I imagine that for most of you the interview in its entirety will be pretty boring, but if you want to check it out anyway - here’s part one and here’s part two. The bit of the interview I liked the most (and would therefore really like to share) was about Islam. One doesn’t often get that sort of angle on it on Western news channels - I mean you’ve got two educated Muslims talking about terrorism, anti-terrorism measures and stereotyping from their own experience. So check it out below :)

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