The bias against Islam in Western media

Two Muslim women murdered. One killed when protesting against the regime in Iran, the other stabbed in a German courtroom for being Muslim. Which one receives a lot of coverage and which one receives hardly any at all?

Sufism vs Wahhabism

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Here’s an article, which talks a bit about Sufi Islam and how it differs from the more hard-line forms of Islam.

Shahrukh making a statement on Gaza

I’m completely not used to seeing Shahrukh taking any kind of political stands - he’s the guy, who always wiggles out of making any definitive comments on anything political. So it’s a surprise to discover he’s been making a very strong one recently… Or maybe it just seems strong to me because he doesn’t usually [...]

The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour: Maz Jobrani

A fun interview with American-Iranian actor and stand-up comedian Maz Jobrani:

If you’d like to check out a bit more of the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour then see here :)

Newsweek: Global Elite 2008 list

So here’s a list of the top 50 most powerful people in the world according to Newsweek that I’ve just spent loads of time browsing and it’s actually quite interesting ;) Many names from all round the world that I didn’t know are on it and some are very curious. My personal “WTF? OMG!” one [...]

Somali fighters imposing “Islamic” rule

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Mumbai attackers will not have an Islamic burial

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Indian Muslims say the values of the terrorists are not Islamic and therefore they have no right to be buried at a Muslim cemetery.

Shahrukh interviewed about 26/11

Since the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai a lot has been said in Bollywood about it. People want and need to talk about it and I guess that understandably the media wants to cover celebrities’ reactions to it.
Some of the reactions have been extremely emotional (people cancelling their film shoots and/or any trips outside the city), [...]

MY BOOK DIARY: November 2008

Islam (Teach Yourself Series)
by Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood
Language: English
What It’s About
It’s an introduction to Islam.
My Impressions
It took me a while to get through this… Or rather it was going very well and then for some reason I lost interest half-way and read the other half a few months later (actually I do that a [...]

Riz Khan interviews Shahrukh Khan

It was a strange feeling, checking out my Al Jazeera rss feed the other day and finding a Shahrukh Khan interview in it ;) It seems that about a day before the blasts, he was being interviewed by Riz Khan. Riz Khan has a live talk show on Al Jazeera - a pretty high brow, [...]