Why the silence…

Monday, 23 August 2010, 22:07 | Category : Life & Stuff, Loaves
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I haven’t been this silent on my blog in quite a while and I think the reason for this is that the stuff that is absorbing me the most at the moment is stuff I’m completely not used to blogging about. But maybe I should just go ahead and try…
Internet auctions
One of my goals at [...]

MONTHLY SUMMARY: May 2009 aka too many things happening at once

Wednesday, 17 June 2009, 18:54 | Category : Life & Stuff, Loaves, Monthly Summaries
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My Month in Brief
May was a month during which everything kept happening insanely fast and planning anything seemed completely impossible - something would always turn things upside down :-/
Major Events
The month started very inauspiciously when my dad fainted in the local shop. They called the ambulance and my dad refused to go with them [...]

MONTHLY SUMMARY: April 2009 aka trying to get things together

Thursday, 14 May 2009, 17:13 | Category : Life & Stuff, Loaves, Monthly Summaries
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I should probably call these mid-monthly summaries :] Oh well, maybe I’ll get the timing right next month ;)
My Month in Brief
April has been a month of finally trying to get things together. There’s a lot of minor things to do and I’ve been trying to plan and do them. For example I got [...]

MONTHLY SUMMARY: March 2009 aka Diet Frenzy

Thursday, 16 April 2009, 23:51 | Category : Life & Stuff, Loaves, Monthly Summaries
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I started writing this ages ago, but due to the internet problem I haven’t been able to post this until now :] So sorry for this being rather belated!
It’s my attempt at starting another series of posts on this blog. The concept is to sum up what’s been happening in my life at the end [...]

Back on-line :)

Thursday, 16 April 2009, 23:00 | Category : Crumbs, Life & Stuff
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I’m finally back on-line! I’m really behind with all my on-line activities *sigh* But hopefully I’ll get back into action on this blog very soon *grin* I had a bit of a film-watching frenzy last week, so I’ve got about 10 film reviews pending, yikes! They’re all kind of half-written, so you may expect a [...]

No internet again :-/

Friday, 10 April 2009, 16:00 | Category : Crumbs, Life & Stuff
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The reason I’ve suddenly stopped posting is that Telekompromitacja Polska has yet again cut off my internet access without giving any notice. Not only that, we have no idea as to when they’re going to connect us back up again and for various reasons other ISPs are not an option (we’ve tried).
Anyone trying to contact [...]

Message to My Winter Exams: Please finally finish, I’ve had enough of you ;)

I am supposed to be studying for exams, but I so totally have not been :] I’ve been stressing myself so hard over school for the last semestre that I have no energy left to stress myself over these last exams. If I pass any of them - great, if I don’t then whatever, maybe [...]

Trailers can be deceiving aka my Twilight review

On Thursday, I did something I hadn’t since I was in high school (that would be about 8 yrs ago :]). High school was a very tough time for me. It made me feel trapped and miserable, totally stressed out and a lot of other things like that. It’s not the only time in [...]

Back to blogging :]

Friday, 21 November 2008, 12:19 | Category : Crumbs, Life & Stuff
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I guess I should explain why I’ve not written anything in a week… Mainly I’ve been busy with school, but I’ve also been in a really horrible and very fragile sort of mood (perhaps that should have been a reason to blog rather than not to blog ;-P but that’s how it’s played out, so… [...]

My grandma died yesterday

Sunday, 2 November 2008, 10:34 | Category : Crumbs, Life & Stuff
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My babcia (Polish grandmas around the world always insist on being called babcia even when their grandchildren don’t speak Polish :) and I’m one of few of her grandchildren who does, so…) died yesterday evening. We’re all a bit shaken by it, but on the other hand her health has been deteriorating for such a [...]