Message to My Winter Exams: Please finally finish, I’ve had enough of you ;)

I am supposed to be studying for exams, but I so totally have not been :] I’ve been stressing myself so hard over school for the last semestre that I have no energy left to stress myself over these last exams. If I pass any of them - great, if I don’t then whatever, maybe I’ll pass them next semestre or something :] I have totally no motivation to do anything about them at the moment :] I had my mind set on passing the stuff that I definitely wouldn’t be able to take another jab at until next winter, so that I have at least a theoretical chance of completing my BA by September. And those subjects I’ve miraculously managed to pass (I honestly didn’t think it would happen). That is probably why my motivation sucks quite this badly at the moment - it feels like I’ve already attained my goals :]
So I’m not studying and not doing anything else useful and the amazing thing is I’m hardly even feeling guilty about it. Usually the guilt of not studying gets to me, but this time there’s so little of it that it doesn’t seem to be getting in the way much. In fact it’s kind of calming to be able to do absolutely nothing and just be with myself and think things over. I feel much happier at the moment than I have done for weeks, months even. I’ve been so tired and agitated for such a long time!

The “absolutely nothing” that I’m doing is actually mainly Harry Potter related stuff. Like I’ve been going back to the novels (hopefully more about that in future posts), watching the films, obsessing over Harry Potter actors (apart from the young cast, I think an Alan Rickman relapse awaits me), looking at random HP related youtube clips and most recently (and I really don’t know why I’m openly admitting this lol) I’ve been going through loads and loads of slash fan fiction. I’ve started writing up a list of fics I enjoyed (to be able to get back to them the next time my mood is like this), but I think I’m too embarrassed to make it public ;)
Something I did want to share though is this artwork. It’s a fan fiction parody. It’s totally work safe and not sexual or anything. Just a sort of comment on the absurdities of the pairings (both het and slash) that commonly appear in HP fan fiction ;)

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