Christian Coulson in Little Britain

There’s a lot of very interesting young actors and actresses in the Harry Potters films. Robert Pattinson is certainly not the only one ;) Another guy that turned some (female) heads was Christian Coulson in the second film as the teenage Voldemort. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that has benefited him much. From what I can make out, pretty much all his film and TV parts (which are few) have been really small. It doesn’t even look like it’s worth trying to get one’s hands on any of them *sigh* It sounds like he’s had a bit more luck in British theatre though.
I’m really bugged that he’s not been asked to do the upcoming Harry Potter movie - there should be some more scenes with a teenage Voldemort in there. On the other hand you can’t entirely argue with David Yates when he says casting a 30 year old to play a 16 year old is not going to work *sigh* (Coulson was 21 when he played Voldemort last time). I’m still bugged about it though :] From what I’ve seen on photos, he still looks young - maybe not like a teenager, but he could still easily play early twenties. Besides, they got Shirley Henderson to play Myrtle (who is also probably around 16) and Henderson is 40, so what’s the problem :] And even that aside - there’s a pretty important scene with Voldemort when he’s in his 20s-30s or so and IMO Ralph Fiennes (who is slowly coming up to 50) does not look like he’s in his 20s grrrrr
Anyway, all my Christian Coulson frustrations aside, I found his scene on Little Britain up on youtube and it’s a lot of fun *grin* Quite a different part to Voldemort. Although I think even on this clip one can see exactly why he made such a good teenage Voldemort *sigh* Even with Chris Columbus directing he was pretty good and I bet he’d have been even better with one of the directors that followed.

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