My grandma died yesterday

Sunday, 2 November 2008, 10:34 | Category : Crumbs, Life & Stuff
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My babcia (Polish grandmas around the world always insist on being called babcia even when their grandchildren don’t speak Polish :) and I’m one of few of her grandchildren who does, so…) died yesterday evening. We’re all a bit shaken by it, but on the other hand her health has been deteriorating for such a long time that I guess we’ve all been mentally prepared for it. There have been a couple of false alarms throughout the years when doctors said she probably would die, but she always bounced back. I guess the shock is partly that this time she didn’t… But somehow she did prepare us mentally for it. I remember being much more teary during the first of the false alarms. At the moment I think we’re all dealing with it rather well. Mum wants to go to London fast. I’ll probably only go for one day to attend the funeral, but we don’t know when it is yet.
What a day to go on though, huh? 1st of November… that’s like the best death anniversary she could have possibly picked (Day of the Dead is celebrated in Poland also).

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