Another Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer

They’ve released another, longer trailer. I suppose it’s the official full length one, although it’s actually a trailer for part one and part two. It looks like the focus of it is material from part two though (weird choice IMO, but I’m not complaining *grin*). Anyway here it is:

The interesting thing is that it has a very clear narrative structure in trailer terms and only at the end, when the music picks up, does it go into the fast-paced cutting Hollywood trailer thing. Ok, maybe not that many people find this interesting, I do though ;-P Generally speaking, Harry Potter trailers tend to go for very fast-paced editing all the way through, so this is unusual (and rather refreshing *grin*).
The whole “come to die” scene is looking great. Love the moment when Harry closes his eyes and all, it’s creepy. Though the make-up on Harry is a bit over the top IMO ;-P

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