Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I - the official teaser trailer

I know I’ve supposedly posted the first teaser about 6 months ago, but the real teaser trailer (whatever that means ;-P) is this:

They use many of the same shots on both teasers, but the new one is somewhat more interesting :)
The scraps of feedback that have come through from a super secret maximum-security test screening were all pretty much unanimous in that Harry and Ron’s argument is one of the most striking moments in the film. We’ve got a small clip of it on this new teaser and while I’m not sure what I think based on such a short clip, I kind of see why it’s generating so much excitement *grin* It’s definitely looking very intense and it’s a very different Ron. I mean we did see a bit of angry Ron in the fourth film, but this is angry Ron on a whole new level *grin*

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