Half-Blood Prince publicity galore

The publicity for the upcoming Harry Potter movie is really moving now. Here’s a small selection…

So firstly, there’s a new scene from the film available now. It’s a scene between Dumbledore and Harry.
The clip has me convinced of two things… One - we’re going to get a lot of Dumbledore in this movie. Two - I’m going to have very similar impressions about the 6th film as I had about the 5th ;-P I think it’s going to have some good performances (perhaps even better than in the 5th - they always seem to get the performances better with every film) and some interesting moments, but on the whole it’s going to be full of Hollywood clich├ęs :] The music and some of the crane shots on that clip are painfully Hollywoodish *sigh* (the performances look great though)

There’s also a totally random TV spot making the rounds, which I thought was fun. They usually have a pretty conventional way of doing publicity and this was unusually creative ;-P

Interviews, featurettes and all that are coming out en masse too of course. What I find particularly amusing is how the Trio are suddenly all freely talking about their love lives ;)
Anyway, you can check out this interview with Emma Watson, which is pretty good. She says some cute things about Helena Bonham-Carter in that.
This is a rather good interview with Rupert Grint. It’s interesting to hear him talking about acting and how he sees his career. One rarely gets anything quite that coherent out of him about it ;)
Oh and both Rupert and Emma talk about the kiss - apparently they did it recently during the Deathly Hallows shoot.
This one with Daniel Radcliffe is relatively good, but he was at his best in this one ;) I think my favourite bit in that was when he talked about the challenges of adapting the Harry Potter books to film:

Also, we’ve sort of screwed ourselves up a bit. We haven’t had Dobby in the movies since, I think, the second. So, we’ve now got to re-establish a character and then have it mean something when he dies. So we need time to do that. Maybe I should have a line when he pops up: “Dobby! I haven’t seen you since 2003!”

Finally, I wanted to link to this also. The article caught my interest mainly because it’s the first time I’ve heard about Warner Bros putting their foot down on something the director wanted to do:

According to everyone I speak to at Leavesden, Warners has been remarkably hands off. It’s only when Yates started to get a bit arty on The Half-Blood Prince that the studio had something to say. “The only major run-in we’ve had since I came on board is regarding the look of this film. We had a fairly major negotiation about its look. Bruno Delbonnel, who was also cinematographer on Amelie, made it look very distinct and different to the previous Potters by using all these monochromatic washes. The studio wanted more colour added to it and we obliged. And actually it’s no less artful with the new grade; it looks more beautiful, more inviting. When you’re sending 28,000 prints around the world to goodness knows how many cultures, you need a show that pulls you in.”

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