Abdullah in the lead?

Apparently, both Abdullah and Karzai are saying the results so far have them in the lead. Here’s a short interview with Abdullah:

The Pashtun vote and how it may turn the elections in Karzai’s favour

There’s a lot of reports now about how ethnic divides may decide results (just saw one about the Hazara community, but thought it was badly done, so I’m not linking :]). Here’s one about how Karzai is set to get the Pashtun vote:

Afghan elections and the future of the war on the Taliban

Afghan elections will take place on the 20th of August, the Taliban are naturally already trying to use force to stop people from voting. I wonder if, ironically, their call to boycott elections isn’t why the two main contenders are both very moderate and eloquent people. If Taliban supporters were voting that might not be [...]