The New Moon publicity machine

My time management leaves a bit to be desired at the moment - hence the almost total absence of posts :-/
Anyway, saw the film yesterday and thought it was dreadful (more about that er… someday…). The publicity interviews are much better than the film though, so here’s a short selection ;)

The forbidden question
Something I found curious was that there is now a question that journalists are basically forbidden to pose to Pattinson and Stewart. I remember hearing Pattinson patiently replying that they are not romantically involved in real life when the New Moon promotion was still starting out (I think it was an on set interview done during filming). But apparently that question will not get any more replies in the future. This was pretty drastic I thought - you don’t often see interviews ending abruptly like that when the interviewer asks the “wrong” question. Haven’t found anything like that with Kristen Stewart, but it’s clearly something that her interviewers are being told not to ask as well. Whenever anyone gets close to the topic she visibly tenses up (I don’t see the tension in Pattinson so much, but I guess the Ryan Seacrest clip proves he’s fed up of it too :]).

The Big Talk Shows
Pattinson did the Late Show and I was surprised to see Letterman was actually pretty polite - I totally thought he’d be nasty and sarcastic, but then maybe he just saves that for the female teen stars :] He clearly did think he’d get away with asking the forbidden question though. He quickly realized his mistake and came back from it before any kind of scene was made (then again he’s Letterman, so maybe there wouldn’t have been a scene, just a polite refusal to answer :]).
Another really good one was the interview Pattinson did on Ellen.
And last, but definitely not least - here’s an interview with all three of them on Jimmy Kimmel.
There were some other big shows too (like Regis and Kelly), but I thought these three were by far the most enjoyable.

The Access Hollywood coverage
Access Hollywood did quite a few interviews with the New Moon cast and I thought they were pretty amusing. Check out the interview with the wolf pack - they’re amazingly energetic and funny. She got a very good one out of Taylor Lautner as well - he’s hilarious at the beginning, she totally took the right approach there ;) And the one with Pattinson is another great one - loved the bit when he’s asked to give the reasons why a girl would want to date a vampire rather than a werewolf.
The one that didn’t come off (but I’m putting it in anyway for continuity’s sake :]) was with Kristen Stewart - she got all tense cause the line of questioning was too close to the forbidden question…

Other random publicity interviews
I love the Australian media - they’re always so hilariously laid back, so here’s the one bit of Australian publicity that Pattinson and Stewart did. For some reason the “That’s the first time I’ve heard Robert Pattinson talk - I didn’t know he was British!” line totally cracked me up ;)
This is Pattinson on GMTV. My favourite bit in that is how he talks about hating teen relationships that exclude everybody else - that hits very close to home for me :]
Pattinson, Lautner and Chris Weitz (the director) did Unscripted and that was a pretty cool interview as well. The Volturi did another Unscripted - Michael Sheen is hilarious.
I enjoyed these two clips from Comic Con with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. Pattinson’s agenda throughout the publicity seems to have been to claim that he’s hardly on screen in the second movie, whilst Stewart seems to keep trying to get the tabloids gossiping about the chemistry between her and Taylor Lautner instead of her and Pattinson ;)
And finally - this is an interview with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner where they’re asked to reply as each other *grin*

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