What Robert Pattinson’s fans want from him (apart from the opportunity to scream at him of course ;))

Whenever I’ve got a lot of school stuff to do and am stressed by it, I always manage to develop some sort of temporary obsession about someone or something (it always finishes once exams are over ;)). I’ve found that the obsession is usually very random - most of the time it’ll be something I never really devoted time to before.
So this time, my temporary obsession is clearly Robert Pattinson. Why him - I have no idea ;) I’ve had ample opportunity to become obsessed with him before now and yet I never took it up… er… so anyway, this is probably going to be Robert Pattinson week on my blog ;)

Some time ago, I came across this on a Harry Potter website. The piece says:

“Last year all I was trying to do was get a girlfriend,” says Pattinson, 22, Twilight’s resident vampire and previously Harry Potter’s Quidditch foil, Cedric. “What happened? It’s like the face of what is attractive has changed. Girls used to want to see guys take their shirts off. Now it’s, ‘I want you to bite me.’ It’s bizarre.”

At the time I read that, I thought he was kidding. Only he wasn’t… He *really* gets “bite me” requests all the time :]
Here he tells the story of a particularly weird incident.
And here Tyra Banks corners him on her show. If you want to see the whole Tyra Banks thing, you can check out part one here and part two here. What happens in the course of the show reminds me a bit of the strange Japanese TV shows with Japanese stars - only I think the Japanese shows are a bit more charming and er… kind of less vulgar I guess…

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