The third New Moon trailer

I think this is the first one I actually find relatively enticing, though the special effects still look appalling IMO :]
The nice thing about this trailer is that it’s not quite as choppy. The first Twilight film was as “unchoppy” as Hollywood editing gets these days and that was a lot of its charm for me - all those awkward silences and just how unrushed it felt. Part of the problem with the Twilight trailers is that they chop it all up into very short clips and that whole atmosphere is gone and since the acting is very restrained and the plot has the charm of fan fiction, it ends up looking incredibly stiff and ridiculous :] And then of course there’s the appalling special effects and fighting sequences which take up most of the trailers even though they’re hardly in the film ;)
Anyway, this one is still choppy, but the choppiness is toned down just enough to get a whiff of what the film might be like. There’s a few interesting moments and lines. Just giving that little bit more of the split up scene improves it greatly *grin* I hope it’s even better in the film. The way she keeps seeing him everywhere is sort of spooky as well. And Jacob really looks good on this one. I love the way he says “He left you Bella, he didn’t want you anymore.”.

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