Some Shahrukh interviews

Saw My Name is Khan on Monday and I seem to be having a Shahrukh relapse ;-P But hey, it’s been a while, so I’m kind of glad - I was starting to miss my Shahrukh fixation ;)
So anyway, something I had meant to post ages ago was the Jonathan Ross interview, which he did [...]

Some Ashton Kutcher interviews

Thursday, 10 December 2009, 20:27 | Category : Crumbs, Hollywood & the American film industry
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I rather liked him in Spread yesterday, so I watched some of his interviews - this is him on Rove and this is part one and part two of an interview he did on Jonathan Ross.

Two Dev Patel interviews

I watched these two interviews on Andreja’s recommendation and she was right - he’s hilarious in them *grin*
You can watch Dev Patel on the Jonathan Ross show here and here.
And below is the second one in which he was interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel:

Tony Curtis on Jonathan Ross

Monday, 16 February 2009, 4:01 | Category : Crumbs, Hollywood & the American film industry
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While I’m on my interview spree, here’s one with Tony Curtis :) There is such an incredible warmth about him. It floors me every time.

Helena Bonham-Carter on Jonathan Ross

She’s so hilariously warped ;)

Keira Knightley on Jonathan Ross

You can see part one of the interview here and part two is here. She’s absolutely adorable *grin*