Some Shahrukh interviews

Saw My Name is Khan on Monday and I seem to be having a Shahrukh relapse ;-P But hey, it’s been a while, so I’m kind of glad - I was starting to miss my Shahrukh fixation ;)

So anyway, something I had meant to post ages ago was the Jonathan Ross interview, which he did in February. So here’s part one, part two and an extra segment with a very strange exercise machine.
The interview itself is quite weird. I’d always wondered how SRK would do on a big Western talk show. Jonathan Ross seemed a little intimidated and unsure of what kind of questions and jokes were appropriate (he honestly shouldn’t have worried - Shahrukh’s sense of humour is notorious with good reason, that one show was all it took to cause a large controversy in the British media ;-P). I thought the set of questions that Ross asked was excellent though - great for a Western audience I think. SRK looked a bit stressed out over the whole Shiv Sena issue. But they both kind of eased into the interview towards the end :)

I also came across an excellent and very casual interview with SRK & Kajol, conducted in a New York taxi. Check this bit out:

MTV IggyShah Rukh Khan & Kajol in the Backseat: My Name Is Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

If you like it then check out the whole thing *grin*

There’s also a good CNN interview with SRK in his slightly more serious mode (part one & part two). He was asked a lot about Islam and his New York detention in this one.

I also came across an interview from August 2009 (part one & part two), which is particularly interesting in the second half because he talks at great length about his reasons for not doing Slumdog Millionaire as well as why he doesn’t kiss in movies. Have never heard him talk so much about those two things and have always been curious about them ;-P

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