More Paul Gross clips

Thursday, 3 June 2010, 22:17 | Category : Slices, The Canadian film industry
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This is a nice two part interview in which he talks about his whole career.

Also, I found some good spoofs. One is a spoof of H2O (a two part production for HBO which starred and was also written by Paul Gross). But there is also a beautiful Due South spoof *grin*

What totally gets me, though, is that I’ve stopped looking for Paul Gross content with gay innuendo, but I keep coming across it anyway! The Due South spoof thing is mild, but how about the end of this interview ;)
You know, I’m surprised (and disappointed ;-P) he’s not done any gay roles yet AFAIK (he has done films with gay themes, but nobody seems to want to actually cast him as gay - what a shame ;-P).

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