Revisiting one of my teen hearthrobs - some Paul Gross clips

I’m having a bit of a Due South phase. Paul Gross is one of those few actors that I got into while in my teens, but I’m still totally into him if I’m in the right mood (like now for example *grin*). I’m shocked to find he is now in his 50s though, it makes me feel old :]

Anyway, wanted to share some of my youtube findings. They’re all from British TV, where Due South was really popular apparently.
This is a very short clip of him talking about meeting the Queen - it’s certainly an interesting angle on her ;) There’s another funny and longer interview here, which he does with one of his Due South co-stars - Callum Keith Rennie (Kowalski from season 3). Finally, there’s the sketch he did for BBC1.

Another… er… interesting find is the imdb trivia about him, which says:

Admits to ‘including hints of homoeroticism’ in the final series of “Due South” (1994). He is quoted as saying that his new co-star Callum Keith Rennie was incredibly sexy and that the new series would be very homoerotic.

I never saw much of the last season of Due South, so I’m not sure what actually goes on there and how seriously he meant it ;) So I was sort of trying to establish in what context he said that. As it’s something he must have said in the late 90s, I wasn’t able to find the original interview on-line, but I have found stuff, which may help in explaining the context a little *grin*
So… I never read the Due South slash fan fiction, but I did come across some of it in its day (AFAIK Fraser-Vecchio was the main pairing). It would appear that Paul Gross was very much aware of it:

He also said in a Globe & Mail newspaper article (1998) that he has seen the the ’slash’ (homoerotic) fan fiction. This may have been during the Elm Street interview in which the reviewer brought out some stories to show him.

So I imagine that the comment about his new co-star may have been a joke related to that. But there is even more *grin* This is a scene from the blooper reel and it completely killed me lol

Edited To Add: He wasn’t kidding with that homoerotic comment ;) Obviously unlike in the bloopers they were rather subtle about it ;-P But check this out.

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