Rupert Grint is getting better at publicity, wheeeee!

Monday, 3 May 2010, 18:16 | Category : Slices, The British film industry
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Cherrybomb publicity is still going strong. And while Rupert Grint remains relatively quiet in interviews, he definitely seems to be handling them better :) (either that, or my taste in interviews has changed ;-P)

So here’s one where he’s challenged to a game of darts. The Phelps twins weren’t kidding when they said Rupert has a very er… interesting way of doing maths when he’s playing games ;)

He had me snorting with laughter in this one - a nice idea indeed ;)

Finally, I particularly loved the young hollywood interview. One rarely gets an idea of what an eccentric character he actually is. There’s something wonderfully liberating about his interests and tastes lol

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