Some James Franco clips

Friday, 24 September 2010, 0:42 | Category : Hollywood & the American film industry, Slices
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Since I got excited about Rise of the Apes, I’ve been investigating James Franco a bit (he’s the lead of the film). He’s one of the young guys who are coming up in Hollywood now, but who I’ve not seen much of and know very little about.
The investigation proved fruitful *grin* He’s quite a funny interviewee, particularly enjoyed him on Jimmy Kimmel (the Sean Penn story from Milk is hilarious). There’s also a pretty good interview with him on Letterman, in which he talks about naked basketball players *grin*
I also found some great skits involving him. One is called Jimmy and the Cop and it’s awesome lol Totally my kind of humour. The other is from when he hosted SNL - it’s called The Kissing Family, which tells you er… all you need to know really ;)

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