The fourth (or first - depending on how you count) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I trailer

If I’m not mistaken, this is the fourth time that I’m announcing the first trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I. Apparently, the first one was not a trailer but a preview, the second was a teaser, the third was a trailer for part I & II and so this is why the fourth one is in fact the first one, go figure! ;)

Anyway, because I love sharing my Harry Potter trailer observations which then no one reads ;-P

  • Rufus Scrimgeour (aka Bill Nighy) sounds like Shahrukh Khan playing autistic in My Name Is Khan. Would love to know the reasoning behind that. If he were playing Scrimgeour as an autistic man that might even catch my curiosity despite it sounding ridiculous, but I somehow don’t think that’s the case :]
  • Am hating Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort more with every trailer :] He has some good moments, but most of the time he’s so hammy that it makes him comical rather than frightening (for the record - the whole cinema laughed during one of his speeches in the previous trailer :]). Not that I don’t enjoy comical villains or anything, but that’s not how I like my Voldemort (unless I’m reading fan fiction in which he falls in love with Harry that is).
  • On the bright side, am loving Alan Rickman’s Snape on the trailer this time round. Found him too hammy in Half-Blood Prince (and on the trailers for Half-Blood Prince too). And as he probably has only two more lines in the film, this means I’m going to enjoy at least a third of his role in this ;)
  • For me the best of what they’ve shown us so far remains the fight between Harry and Ron. That one’s really looking amazing. Loving everything I’ve seen of angsty Ron.
  • Odd that we’ve seen hardly any footage of Helena Bonham-Carter. There should be more of her than in any of the other films. I suppose her biggest moments are in part II, but then everyone has been raving about the torture scene which should be in part I…
  • I like what I’m seeing of Radcliffe on this trailer. I enjoy listening to him critiquing his own acting because I usually agree with him lol And one of the things he said about his performance in the 6th film was that it was too “even” and that he was trying to improve this in Deathly Hallows. IMO it’s showing and it was a good call on his part :) Particularly like him in the shot in the cemetery with Hermione and the “Help Me” line is great.
  • The shot of the seven Potters scene looks kind of blah though. Not sure what to think about that one. I suppose I will just have to wait and see if they did or didn’t get the maximum comedy effect out of it.
  • Am starting to really look forward to Lupin (David Thewlis) in this. The little tidbits here and there are looking good.
  • Finally, I’ll register my surprise at how little Hermione we’ve had on the trailers. I don’t think we’ve even heard Emma Watson with more than a background line on the trailers so far.

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