What makes a children’s movie?

I just searched for The Hunchback of Notre Dame on youtube for no apparent reason and the number one result was my favourite ever Walt Disney scene. Apparently, it’s not just me - there’s loads of people who love this one *grin* What gets me about it is that it seems so totally inappropriate for a kids’ movie ;)
It amuses me how the imdb parental guidance states:

Frollo really lusts after Esmeralda.

But it’s so true - he really does. Even though they don’t spell it out quite that bluntly in the film, what goes on in Frollo’s mind is clearly very sexual and this song is when it gets rather intense. And it’s not even just that he’s lusting for her that makes the scene feel so weird to me, it’s the context of it too. He’s there in the cathedral, praying to Mary and explaining his lust. How on Earth is this a scene from a kids’ movie? lol Anyway, check it out:

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