A Single Man - the proper publicity *grin*

Belatedly, but I thought I’d finally post some of the publicity they released for A Single Man leading up to the Oscars.

Clips from the Film
A lot of scenes from the movie were released. I ended up watching most of them and then getting annoyed with myself for watching so many ;)
The top most watched one on youtube is called “Carlos” and I think it proves that the distributors are unnecessarily worrying that the gay themes will put off people. So far it’s the most homoerotic scene they released and it’s had over 90 000 views (while the other clips have had around 7000-30000 views each), which just goes to show ;) The second most viewed clip is “The Phone Call”. Both of them I’d really recommend - they’ve certainly sharpened my appetite for the film. The others are very good too, but there comes a point when one doesn’t want to be spoilt quite that much. Although of course if you want to see them, they’re all up on youtube.
Finally, the UK trailer has some new shots in it and it’s nice to see that unlike their American counterparts the British distributors don’t seem to be worried about the gay theme ;-P

There’s a slew of interviews as well. I particularly enjoyed the ones on Ellen - this is the one with Matthew Goode and here’s one with Colin Firth. Colin Firth was also interviewed by Craig Ferguson (part one and part two). Highlights of that interview include questions like “Do you enjoy pornography?” ;)

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