Tom Felton on the Harry/Draco phenomenon

Tom Felton is doing publicity at Dragoncon in Atlanta at the moment. And finally the fans there have asked what I’ve always wanted to hear ;) Kind of amusing that he’s not had that question pop up in any of the interviews I’ve seen of his before (then again I’ve never heard Daniel Radcliffe being asked about slash either which is even more bizarre I guess) and it sounds like at Dragoncon he’s getting the question at most of the Q&A sessions all of a sudden.
Anyway, below is a clip on which he answers the question *grin*:

I do hope some good video of his Q&A sessions appears on-line. Most of what I’ve come across so far is very bad quality unfortunately (the clip above is one of the few I’ve seen which is decent). But the little of his Q&A sessions that I’ve seen all look hilarious.

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