Exams = random fixations

Amazingly enough as long as I was working on my BA project I was actually fixating on the project rather than on some random actor I like, but now that I’m having a bit of a break from the project and I’m supposed to be studying for exams (Artificial Intelligence is the one I’m pretending to focus on at the moment), my usual fixations which try to save me from having to concentrate on my exams have returned ;) It’s back to Tom Felton, ladies and gents. Not sure why it’s him again, but there you go ;)
So to celebrate that, below is a video interview, which I overlooked in all of the HBP publicity frenzy. Some interesting stuff there.

Recently, he was doing publicity with Evanna Lynch in Athens (as they only just had the premiere there - I’ve always been amazed at how late Greece gets Hollywood films) and I came across an interview that totally cracked me up. Not because it was any good (rather boring actually), but because I’m starting to think he’s paranoid or something ;) In some interviews (especially the foreign ones) he’s absurdly polite (either that or he’s being very sarcastic and nobody is noticing ;)). But the Greek stuff was particularly funny because he kept coming out with lines like “wow, these Greeks really think of great questions” (after being asked something really lame that he’s been asked many times before) and he didn’t look like he was trying to be sarcastic lol It’s almost like he’s paranoid that people think he’s the same way that Draco Malfoy is and is trying to make sure everyone feels he’s approachable. On the other hand when he tells stories of hate mail, children hiding behind their parents’ legs and getting booed on the streets in the US, maybe it’s the right thing to do ;) Still think the levels he takes his politeness to are a little funny sometimes.
It’s actually rather amazing how strongly he is associated with the part - I remember hearing the guy who plays Fenrir Greyback in Half-Blood Prince saying that he thought Tom Felton would be an awful and very annoying brat and was surprised to find he wasn’t like that at all. It’s kind of strange hearing that from a fellow actor lol

Oh, and I’m really suffering for not having a Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince DVD yet ;) Cause honestly, I think that would be by far the best film to watch on a Tom Felton fixation phase. I have this feeling that he’s going to be my main reason for re-watching that film a lot ;)
I just hope that I don’t get my next Tom Felton phase before the DVD comes out and preferably once the price comes down significantly ;-P So no more Tom Felton phases for the next 1-1.5 years please ;)

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