Taylor Lautner taking jabs at his image

Sunday, 14 February 2010, 10:29 | Category : Film, Slices
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Saw Valentine’s Day recently (the review will come eventually :]) and both of the Taylors were mercilessly making fun of their image, which is one of my favourite types of humour *grin*
What I didn’t realize was that Lautner had already done much worse to his image on SNL. My favourite of the sketches is the one embedded below. Like most of youtube, I’m addicted to the bit where he sings “Seenta Claus get down, get down my chimney, ow!” ;) His accent is just perfect throughout *grin*

You can see more sketches from the show here. Another one, which I think isn’t performed or written quite as well, but the idea for it is hilarious is when he’s dressed up as a team Edward fangirl *grin*

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