My Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie phase is more or less closed now…

…except that I haven’t posted the gazillions of publicity clips that appeared in the last month or so ;-P I won’t post all of them (far too many), so it’s more of a selection of what I thought were the best ones.

The Crazy Japanese Fan
If you only pick one clip to watch in this post then go for this one *grin* It’s Rupert Grint meeting a very, very crazy Japanese fan. It’s one of the most hilarious “interviews” I’ve ever seen (”can I touch your eyelashes?”). The same fan goes on to “interview” Daniel Radcliffe as well and it gets just as crazy, but the Radcliffe clip doesn’t have any subs, so at times it’s a bit more difficult to make out. She also met up with Emma Watson, but the meeting was no where near as weird ;) (see it here if you want, but it really looks pretty ordinary in comparison)
While we’re on the topic of Japanese Potter fans, I’ve got a small digression to make - this is a really hilarious clip of Daniel Radcliffe promoting the Order of the Phoenix film in Japan (this was in 2007 or so).

The Big Talk Shows
I already posted Emma Watson’s appearance on the Jonathan Ross show - it was a really good interview. She’s generally been delivering very well during the publicity this year. I mean she never was bad at it, but this year she’s really stepped up.
I really recommend her appearance on the Letterman show this year. It was total revenge for how nasty Letterman was to her last year ;) She totally cracked me up with that comment on her “wardrobe malfunction photo”.
Daniel Radcliffe did Letterman soon after her and was in his element as usual *grin*
The whole Trio did Regis and Kelly, but personally I’m not that big a fan of how Regis and Kelly conduct their interviews. So I’d only recommend the Daniel Radcliffe one and mainly because of the comments on liking older women and on getting injured - I thought those two were hilarious.
Last, but definitely not least, Rove came to the Harry Potter set to do some interviews. He’s got a real rapport going with Daniel Radcliffe. It’s a lot of fun to see them teasing each other. But I think even more amazingly he got a really good interview out of Rupert Grint *grin*

The Other Stuff
Fans are often the best interviewers, which is why I really recommend the set report done by The Leaky Cauldron :) They got really stuff out of all of the stars. Jessie Cave is hilarious and has done very few interviews besides that, so that one’s really worth checking out. But they also interviewed the Trio, Tom Felton, Evanna Lynch, Bonnie Wright and Mathew Lewis. There’s a link to one with David Yates too, but it’s broken and I haven’t found that one anywhere…
There’s been quite a few interviews with Tom Felton around, but as much as I’m excited to see them (he’s not been featured prominently in Harry Potter publicity before, so I’ve been watching those quite keenly), I’m going to restrain myself as far as linking to them goes… I know this post doesn’t look as if I’m being choosy, but I am - honest! The amount of publicity they did for the film is really overwhelming…
Anyway, my fave Tom Felton one is the one he did for Absolute Radio - very laid back in that. The one that is so weird that it’s sort of worth recommending is the Peter Travers one I think.
And going back to the Trio, MTV did a really fun interview with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, clips of which you can see here.
And there’s a GMTV interview with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint floating around, which I thought was one of very few interviews in which Rupert turned out well (I think Emma helped a lot in directing him to say the right things lol), so I thought it was worth a mention ;)
As I enjoy video and audio interviews much more, the only magazine interview that I’m going to link to is the one with Daniel Radcliffe for Attitude Magazine. And that’s partly because it amuses me to see Harry Potter being interviewed by a gay magazine and partly because, being a gay magazine, he gets asked questions he usually doesn’t (quite political ones actually).

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