Chori Chori


Chori Chori (India, 2003)

Seen: Tuesday, 18th November (DVD)
Runtime: 135′
Release Date: August 2003 in India and sometime this year in Poland on DVD
Director: Milan Luthria
Cast: Rani Mukherji, Ajay Devgan, Sonali Bendre
Plot: Ranbir gets sort of dumped by Pooja, a girl he proposed to (or rather he didn’t, he just assumed she would want to marry him). And because of various strange plot twists he ends up pretending Khushi is his fiancee (or rather Khushi starts the farce first for her own reasons and then he joins in once he realizes Pooja is jealous).

A song from the film
Ranbir making Pooja jealous…

Impressions In Short
It’s a standard Bollywood romance, nothing special, but fun :) Rani is awesome!

Some Details
I really loved Rani in this (of course I generally really love Rani ;-P). The name of her character in the film is Khushi, which means happiness and that’s exactly what she plays - she’s very bubbly in this, in a totally adorable way and somehow manages to combine that and being a con artist at the same time. I particularly loved her scenes with Jonathan, the toy monkey - he is her closest friend and confidant in the film.
Sonali was sexy as usual and I was glad to see her again, but Rani stole the film from everyone… When Rani’s on she can outplay anybody.
So to summarize I guess for me Chori Chori is an amusing, but cheesy Bollywood romance with a very beautiful performance from Rani.

If you’re a Rani Mukherji fan - definitely. If you’re into Bollywood generally then you could do worse than this ;) And if you’re not into Bollywood then absolutely not :]

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