Zamaana Deewana - one of Shahrukh’s many Rahuls

Zamaana Deewana (India, 1995)
Seen: Wednesday, 28th April 2010 (DVD, repeat viewing)
Runtime: 170′
Director: Ramesh Sippy
Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Raveena Tandon, Anupam Kher
Production House: Ramesh Sippy Enterprises, Sippy Films
Plot: A slightly crazy police inspector comes up with an unusual way of stopping the violence between two gangs - make the children of the two enemies fall in [...]

Taare Zameen Par reviewed aka dyslexia as a central theme in a film

Taare Zameen Par (India, 2007)
Seen: Saturday, 28th March 2009 (cinema, special screening)
Runtime: 165′
Director: Aamir Khan
Cast: Darsheel Safary, Aamir Khan, Tanay Chheda
Production House: Aamir Khan Productions, PVR Pictures
Plot: The story of Ishaan Awasthi, a little boy who struggles with school because of dyslexia.
Scene From The Film
This is a sort of song number from the film [...]

Dev D or how much (and how fast!) Bollywood has changed

Dev D (India, 2009)
Polish Distributor: I doubt one exists or that one will exist in the near future :]
Release Date (worldwide): 9th January 2009
Director: Anurag Kashyap
Cast: Abhay Deol, Mahie Gill
Production House: UTV Motion Pictures (UTV Spot Boy)
Plot: This is a modern interpretation of Devdas, one of India’s most famous novels (it’s been adapted for [...]

Hrithik as the Incredible Hul… ooops, I mean Mughal emperor

Jodhaa Akbar (India, 2008)
Seen: Sunday, 14th December (cinema, special screening)
Runtime: 213′
Polish Distributor: Blink (should be out on DVD sometime next year)
Director: Ashutosh Gowariker
Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai, Amitabh Bachchan (narrator)
Production House: UTV Motion Pictures, Ashutosh Gowariker Productions Pvt. Ltd.
Plot: Based on legends and historical accounts, the story of what may have transpired between Akbar, [...]

Chori Chori

Chori Chori (India, 2003)
Seen: Tuesday, 18th November (DVD)
Runtime: 135′
Release Date: August 2003 in India and sometime this year in Poland on DVD
Director: Milan Luthria
Cast: Rani Mukherji, Ajay Devgan, Sonali Bendre
Plot: Ranbir gets sort of dumped by Pooja, a girl he proposed to (or rather he didn’t, he just assumed she would want to marry [...]

English Babu Desi Mem

English Babu Desi Mem (India, 1996)
Seen: last night on DVD
Runtime: 170′
Release Date: sometime in 1996 in India and sometime recently on DVD in Poland
Polish Distributor: not even the Polish Bollywood forum knows ;) I saw it on a DVD which was attached to a magazine, but there’s no sign of a Polish distributor on [...]