Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham and their chemistry (Dhoom review)


Dhoom (India, 2004)

Seen: Monday, 30th March 2009 (DVD)
Runtime: 129′
Director: Sanjay Gadhvi
Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, John Abraham, Esha Deol
Production House: Yash Raj Films
Plot: A gang of bikers is on a large scale robbing spree and a policeman is trying to crack their case.


Impressions In Short
I like Abhishek and John together *grin* But the film is kind of crappy (though I’m not disappointed as that’s totally what I was expecting ;) ).

More About the Film
I think it’s the first full on commercial Bollywood film I’ve seen which is so short (129min.). So I guess if you’re going to watch a relatively crappy and generic Bollywood film this isn’t a bad one to watch cause at least it’s short ;)
Main attraction of Dhoom for me is seeing John and Abhishek together. I wasn’t actually expecting much chemistry between them this time round - after all, Abhishek is the hero and John is the villain in this one. Besides, it’s not a particularly good film, so the performances aren’t particularly good either. To my surprise, however, the chemistry was there *grin*
I mean obviously it wasn’t the kind of chemistry they share in Dostana ;) But the parts are in fact written with a certain amount of chemistry in mind. As the characters themselves sum it up, if they weren’t on opposite sides of good and evil they would be friends and that’s saying a lot as neither character makes friends easily - most of their relationships are strictly professional.
It was kind of interesting to see John in this because this was his first commercially successful part AFAIK and he was definitely cast well. Though, as usual, I did find him a bit bland *sigh* It’s a shame really, if not for that he’d probably be amongst my favourite Bollywood actors by now.

Not really, IMO only worth it for the stars maybe.

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