FILM SPOTTING: Ticket To Bollywood (December 2008)

The fourth edition of Ticket to Bollywood (a Bollywood mini-festival) will take place in Warsaw in about a month’s time (5th-7th December). Tickets are usually hard to get, so if you’d like to attend some films with me let me know soon :) There’s some general info about what they’re showing here and the [...]

“Times Talk” with Daniel Radcliffe

Just a nice video interview :)

A virtual strip search

Saturday, 25 October 2008, 22:52 | Category : Crumbs, Uncategorized
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You know how in Baadshah (a Bollywood film) there’s this pair of glasses which make you see everybody with no clothes on, so you can check if they have any weapons? Well, it’s no longer a joke, it’s real and it might be used at European airports…

A strip search in the centre of Athens

Thursday, 23 October 2008, 1:34 | Category : Crumbs, Politics, Human Rights & Other Serious Stuff
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That’s what apparently happened.

John Abraham interviewed about Dostana

Monday, 20 October 2008, 17:42 | Category : Bollywood & the Indian film industry, Crumbs
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You may remember I “spotted” a Bollywood film called Dostana. The promotion is in full throb and I just came across a spicy interview with one of the lead actors, John Abraham *grin* They talk about nudity, homosexuality and yellow trunks - obviously all very popular topics on my blog ;)

WFF: Day 2 (Saturday, 11th October)

In the end I didn’t go to see Donkey in Lahore today, was just too tired and too busy *sigh* Not that I should lament too much about it - having bought 12 tickets I won’t exactly be film deprived this week :]
Anyway, Saturday reviews…
Be Like Others
Impressions In Short
Fascinating topic, average film.
Some Details
I don’t think [...]