And yet more Harry Potter film news…

The extent to which the new Harry Potter film is featuring on my blog is ridiculous ;) It’ll be hilarious if I see the film in July and then declare it’s awful lol
Anyway, here’s the latest news that caught my eye…
New Character Posters
So far I’ve not been too keen on the posters, some of them [...]

Cinematography news about the remaining Harry Potter films

Came across this article and while a lot of it is stuff I’ve already heard before, there’s some nice quotes :)
As usual I’m excited for any Draco tidbits (even though they don’t really reveal anymore than I already know), but the one revelation for me was this:
The film?s visuals also play their part in establishing [...]

More Harry Potter film news

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is not even released yet, but we’ve already got the first photos from the set of Deathly Hallows :] They look kind of cool :) People are guessing it’s the silver doe scene, but it could be any of the camping scenes actually.
There’s some Harry Potter and the Half-Blood [...]