Maharashtra nationalism strikes the Indian film industry again

You may remember I once wrote about the nationalist tendencies in Mumbai. At the end I asked who will be targeted next and now we know :] It’s not any particular Bollywood star or even Bollywood itself… This time it’s the Bhojpuri film industry.
The Indian film industry is unlike any other in the world in that it’s extremely fragmented. Most of the fragmentation is because of language (no other country in the world has as many official languages - 22 - as India does and there are far more languages spoken than are officially recognised - Bhojpuri among them).
While Bollywood (the Hindi language film industry) is the biggest of these industries to be based in Mumbai it is by no means the only one. Most of the Bhojpuri film industry is based in Mumbai as well, but many involved in it have started to wonder whether a move to a city which isn’t filled with Raj Thackeray supporters wouldn’t be a better idea.

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