Is this blog dead? hmmm….

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I’m not quite ready to declare it dead yet, but this is the longest I’ve gone without writing anything on it *sigh*
Basically, I have a life now ;) I mean a real one, a life that makes me happy - my mum recently said that she doesn’t think she’s seen me constantly happy like this since childhood (which doesn’t mean I don’t have my miserable days and that I haven’t had any disappointments or difficulties these last few months, but on the whole I’m still very happy at current :)).
I’m not used to the time constraints that have become part of my life now - it’s the first time I’ve had a full-time job. So my on-line time has decreased drastically.

But I do miss writing. It’s a wonderfully introverted way of expressing myself ;) I’m leading a very social life at the moment (in my standards that is, for normal human beings that probably translates to “a not particularly unsocial life” ;)).
I work in a room with four other people and as much as I enjoy their company (they’re all great!), for somebody as introverted as me, it’s quite draining.
At the moment I’m in a recovery period - mentally from having so many people around me recently, and physically from a very bad cold (I’m even off work, which for me is actually a bit of a bummer - I like going to work *grin*). Today’s like the first day of my illness where I feel like doing something other than sleeping :] So writing feels kind of good. Only I feel like I’m rambling, which I am…
So er, yeah, as I’m rambling, I will finish this post here ;) And I’ll just go straight on to write the next one, which will hopefully make more sense ;-P

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