How much racism is there in the USA?

That is the question everyone is asking right before the coming elections. I guess I’m naive cause I never anticipated quite this much could depend on racial issues. Some of what people said in this article really shocked me:

Charles is a registered Democrat in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.
“If it wasn’t for Obama I would vote Democrat. Blacks just cause trouble, that’s the taste I’ve got in my mouth.”

When the reporter spoke to a waitress in a local restaurant he got the following answer:

“I like McCain because I can say his name, so I’ll probably vote for McCain.”
She was not well informed, but her views were clear.
“He’s from Africa or something. I don’t even know where he’s from. I know he grew up here, but he’s not from here. I think American presidents should be from America.”

This one really got to me because with that sort of logic one should be voting for a Red Indian president :] but whatever…

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