FILM DIARY: June 2010

From now on, most of my film reviews will be grouped into a monthly post. There are some films that I feel like writing more about and those I’m still going to dedicate whole posts to. But the rest is going to get shorter treatment - hopefully this will mean I won’t be quite so behind on my film diary! :)


Bright Star (UK/Australia/France, 2009)

Seen: Thursday, 11th June 2010 (cinema)
Rating: -0 (Ok)
Director: Jane Campion
Cast: Ben Whishaw, Abbie Cornish, Kerry Fox, Thomas Sangster
Plot: Based on the three-year romance between 19th century poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne, which was cut short by Keats’ untimely death at age 25.

It’s been ages since I’ve seen it, so I don’t remember it that well *sigh* But basically, the way I remember it, it was a fairly standard Jane Campion costume drama. The one thing about it that really stood out was Abbie Cornish. I saw it for Ben Whishaw, but it was Abbie Cornish that really moved me (I specifically remember that she made me cry ;)).

Un proph?te (France/Italy, 2009)

Seen: Tuesday, 15th June 2010 (cinema)
Rating: -0 (Ok)
Director: Jacques Audiard
Cast: Tahar Rahim
Plot: When Malik enters prison, he is an illiterate and scared boy. By the time he leaves, he is a powerful and respected mafia lord.

I get why this won so much acclaim. It’s a very clever story - very believable in how Malik makes his transformation. The character is very interesting in how positive and practical he is about life.
But for me, it’s one of those films which I totally get the greatness of and yet don’t react to emotionally much *sigh*

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